To enhance our already proven tuning service, we have taken the major decision to use Steinbauer  fuel saver modules.

Since February 2013 we have  closely monitored a Scania R620, for performance, economy and overall driveability.

Data was collected and reports  generated every day, recording the weather conditions, trip distance, and motorway usage in comparison to urban usage.

In March after the vehicle was tuned, we then fitted a Steinbauer module to the 620, which increased the maximum horsepower to 734 bhp.

The module which is fully adjustable was fitted at the recommended power increase.

After early testing it was decided that he power could be increased slightly, but a decision was taken to run the original settings for at least one month.

The following statistics shown below confirm the outcome of the trial:

The 620 had an improved miles per gallon, an increase of 9.7%.

This had lead to a decrease in fuel usage for the month of 85 gallons.

At an average pump price of £142.9 pence per gallon (£119.08 before VAT), the fuel saving for the month was a net saving of £459.54.

The driveability of the truck had been greatly improved and as the vehicle is fitted with an overdrive top gear, so had the length of time that the vehicle was able to remain in overdrive.

There has been no temperature increase with the vehicle.

There is no excessive or Black smoke.

The power increase is consistent throughout the rev range.

There has been no warning lights or any error messages since the module has been fitted.

The unit fits between the engine ecu and the injectors and as it is totally post ecu there is no detection in the original engine software.

The unit is mounted on top of the engine as is totally plug and play.

This means that it can be easily removed if needed.

The unit is guaranteed for 3 years.

All units are fitted subject to our terms and conditions.

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Please note all of the above data has been supplied with thanks, by a very experienced owner operator, who is a valued Customer of Power Torque Tuning Ltd.

It is the Customers opinion, who runs on a very mixed, dual carriageway, motorway and urban road network, that if the vehicle was mainly motorway use that the fuel savings would be greater.

28 Day Money back guarantee on all Steinbauer Modules!!